Friday, 12 August 2011

On Weapons

I have been assigned the task of building a weapon to target an entity that conventional wisdom designates as indestructible. I assigned the task myself on the grounds that I enjoy a challenge and have very little respect for conventional wisdom.
The entity demonstrates unusual, if not unique, electromagnetic and radiological properties. I believe that with the help of my colleagues I can design an electromagnetic frequency based weapon. I'm currently leaning towards a dual state particle weapon. Firstly a neutral beam that will ionise a channel through the atmosphere to the entity. Secondly a charged beam that will follow the ionised channel and then hit the entity with its full electromagnetic charge.
This will at the very least incapacitate the entity. My only real concerns are that the charge and the collapsing ionised channel will pull the charged entity towards the weapon and the amount of energy required is immense.
Something for me to mull over I think.