Thursday, 28 July 2011

Greetings and Salutations

I am Doctor Adam Promethean. This is my first "blog". I am a doctor, a patron of the arts, an humanitarian, a scientist, an engineer, a pharmacist, and most importantly a guardian of all you hold dear. But I have not always been like this. Indeed my multitude of talents, outlandish size and inhuman nature have always marked me as an outsider. In less enlightened times I was dubbed "Monster" and "Ogre".

Even to this day those that I work with use the term "monster" in my honor. Any of our company whose special talents exclude them from society are dubbed "monsters" not because they are monstrous but because of their exclusion.If someone cannot walk down a street without people recoiling in fear, if one must always act with extreme care and self control lest their unique abilities lash out and harm those around them, if one finds their connection to the rest of humanity draws thin to the point they may as well be strangers in a strange land, then those people are monsters. That they act to defend those that would reject them speaks volumes of the nobility of the human spirit. These people are monsters and I am proud to be counted among them.

One of my colleagues, who is not monstrous as his talents are unseen, recently began blogging about our work. He did this as part of an ongoing investigation regarding an entity which shall remain nameless at this time. His task was to monitor and communicate with those afflicted by this entity. However for reasons too complex to explain here he has been reassigned for the next few weeks. I have been asked to cover for him during this time.


  1. You seem interesting. Hello.
    What is the entity that you speak of?

  2. It is best if I don't name the entity. Even given names have power and calling a liminal entity by any of it's chosen identifiers can summon it, literally "calling" it to one.

  3. Seems fair enough. Is it a well known entity?

  4. I honestly can't say as "well known" is an entirely subjective term.